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The Pembridge Villas Surgery

The Pembridge Villas Surgery

45 Pembridge Villas
Notting Hill Gate
W11 3EP
Tel: (020) 7727 2222
Fax: (020) 7792 2867
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New Patient Registration Policy




Patient registration is determined by the provisions of the practice GMS or PMS contract and terms of service.


Where a Practice has an “Open List” it is required to accept the registration of a new patient unless it has fair and reasonable grounds for not doing so. 


Where a list is open, the Practice is also obliged to accept allocations by the Primary Care Organisation (PCO) to its list.


Practices are assumed to have open lists unless they have complied with the procedures for list closure as detailed in the General Medical Services Contracts Regulations 2004


There is the facility to have a “Full” list which is not officially closed, for example where staffing difficulties result in suspension of registrations being necessary.


Practices should discuss these situations with the PCO prior to taking action.


New Patient Acceptance / Refusal


New patients should complete a new style GMS1 Registration and Health Questionnaire form; both are available at reception or can be printed from our website (see pages 6–8).

There are also “under 16 years old” registration forms that need to be filled to register a child


Patients must complete the new style GMS1 form and those who are not ordinarily resident in the UK must complete the supplementary questions section on the reverse of the GMS1. The supplementary questions help determine an overseas patient’s eligibility for free NHS secondary healthcare. For patients who self declare that they hold either a non-UK issued EHIC, PRC or S1 form, the practice is required to manually record this information in the patients’ medical record and then send a copy of the GMS1 for to NHS Digital – NHSDigital-EHIC@nhs.net (for Non-UK issued EHIC/PRC details) or the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) overseas.healthcare@dwp.gsi.gov.uk  (for S1 forms).


Patients are also required to produce evidence of their identity and address, e.g. photo driving licence, passport, utility bill etc.


New patients can register during the walk-in clinic on Thursday and Friday mornings 08.45-09.45 am and or they can call to book an appointment outside the walk-in hours.


The Practice will accept patients onto its list whilst it remains “Open” and they reside within the practice catchment area.


If the list is closed, the Practice will only accept registrations of immediate family members of patients who are already registered and only if such relatives reside permanently at the registered patient’s address.  Proof of residence may be required; however there is no contractual obligation to request this.


Patients will not be unreasonably refused registration, and “unreasonable” includes refusal based on:

  • Medical condition;
  • Race;
  • Gender or sexual orientation;
  • Disability;
  • Age;
  • Religious group or religious beliefs;
  • Political beliefs;
  • Appearance or lifestyle.


The Practice will however refuse registration if:

•    The list is officially “Closed” (see above);


The Practice will normally refuse registration (subject to a Partners’ discussion and agreement) if:

•    The patient has been previously removed from the list;

•    The patient has a known history of violence.


The reason for refusal will be in writing and recorded in a permanent record for that purpose. This excludes Temporary Residents, where no record is necessary. See sample refusal letter on page 16.


The permanent record will consist of the original GMS1 registration form endorsed with the reason for refusal, together with a copy of the refusal letter, filed in Surname order. Where a GMS1 has not been completed, a “dummy” GMS1 will be prepared and filed.


The record is subject to inspection by the PCO who may require the Practice to justify a refusal to register.


Temporary Patients: 

These are patients whose length of stay is less than 15 days (short stay); or more than 15 days but not exceeding 3 months (long stay), who require temporary registration.

A temporary patient can be treated for full medical services during that period.


Immediate & Necessary Treatment is for anyone (including foreign visitors) who is resident in the locality of the surgery for 24 hours or more (up to 15 days), but is not registered with another local GP, who requires urgent medical attention. The GP is then responsible for the treatment of that patient’s urgent condition only, for up to 15 days. The GP does not extend his/her services to provide full medical treatment for such patients. If the patient requires treatment for a longer period of time, or the patient requests more extensive medical care, then it is appropriate to register the patient as a temporary patient instead.


Emergency Patients: for those who are in the area for less than 24 hours, who require treatment due to an acute episode/accident which requires immediate attention.


The Temporary Registration Form (GMS3) must be filled-in and the form to the patient and make sure that all the components of the form are completed.

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